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  • Name: Ali Meehan
  • Location: Los Boliches
  • Country: Spain
  • Region: Andalusia (Seville/Malaga)

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  • Expat Spotlight: Ali (Costawomen)’s Top 3 Tips for Spain

    Expat Spotlight: Ali (Costawomen)’s Top 3 Tips for Spain

    Ali Meehan is an English expat and has lived in Australia, Spain, Dubai and Thailand. She is now very settled in Los Boliches, Fuengirola, Spain. She is founder of costawomen.com, the free, social and business community for Women living in, or planning on moving to Spain.

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  • "More to add: - Amazon.es, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com – love ordering second hand books from co.uk which (even with postage) are usually cheaper than brand new books in Spain (and most of the books I have received are new and hardback!) - Boots International £9.99 delivery within in 7 days ..." in the Forum Post called Did you know these ALL ship to SPAIN??
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