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Susie White's (susie) Profile

  • Name: Susie White
  • Location: Rome
  • Country: n/a
  • Region: n/a

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  • Blog Posts: 26
  • Forum Posts: 69
  • Classified Ads: 11
  • Blog Comments: 21
  • Hotel Comments: 0
  • Total Comments: 22

Insider Q&A

  • Nationality
    American (San Diego)
  • Blog address
    I don't have my own blog but contribute frequently right here on www.insidersabroad.com. You can find a complete list of my sitewide contributions here below.
  • About Me
    I've lived in Italy since 1981 - am I still an expat or am I an immigrant? Hmmmm, very good question.
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  • Favorite hidden gem:
    Living in Italy, you can find a hidden gem around every corner ;-)

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