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  • Name: Susie White
  • Location: Rome
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    American (San Diego)
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    I don't have my own blog but contribute frequently right here on www.insidersabroad.com. You can find a complete list of my sitewide contributions here below.
  • About Me
    I've lived in Italy since 1981 - am I still an expat or am I an immigrant? Hmmmm, very good question.
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    Living in Italy, you can find a hidden gem around every corner ;-)

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  • La Cupola di San Pietro

    Published January 24th by Susie White


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  • "Just a little more info on the March in Rome – speakers will include: -Rula Jebreal – journalist, commentator on CNN and elsewhere -Loretta Bondì, Director, International Projects BeFree Social Cooperative, Casa Internazionale delleDonne -Mary Stuart-Miller – Project Rome/Tiburt..." in the Forum Post called Women's March in Rome
    Forum Post created 2 months ago
  • "As if the thousands of earthquakes/aftershocks have not been enough, Italy continues to be hit by natural disaster, several strong earthquakes, record snofall (most in 60 years) and a devastating avalanche that most probably has taken tens of lives. This is a project to help out in just one place..." in the Forum Post called Strong earthquake hits central Italy
    Forum Post created 2 months ago
  • "As soon as I wrote my chosen title, I thought of Paul Simon’s ‘Still Crazy After All These Years’…there could very well be a connection, when I think about it. A lot of you might agree???? Today is the Epiphany (celebration of the three wise men’s arrival), or, as fo..." in the Forum Post called Still Making Do After All These Years
    Forum Post updated 3 months ago
  • Italian Cheeses

    Published December 7th, 2016 by Susie White
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  • "Yesterday I visited the Mercato Centrale at Termini Train Station in Rome. It’s actually very nice. I love sushi and don’t often get a chance to have it, since there’s nothing near where I live, so, when I saw a sushi stand, I asked if they’d have a good selection around 4 pm, as I thought I’d ta..." in the Forum Post called Sushi in Rome?
    Forum Post created 4 months ago
  • Thanksgiving in the Etruscan Countryside

    Thanksgiving in the Etruscan Countryside

    Americans living in Italy, no matter our differences, seem to have one thing in common: we all miss Thanksgiving. Our Italian friends are also quite fascinated by our holiday and all of the incredible (and unusual to them) foods and recipes we prepare. Since the fourth Thursday of November (for s...

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    Blog Post updated 4 months ago
  • "I'm also from Southern California and grew up with the same drills. When I experienced my first earthquake in Italy, I was of course a little shaken, but continued on with my schedule. Downstairs, I ran into all of my neighbors grouped together in..." on the Blog Post called A Californian Native Experiences an Earthquake in Italy
    Comment created 4 months ago
  • "Well, it’s that time of year again, when we (in Europe) need to move our clocks back one hour. The night between October 29th and October 30th, move your clocks back and enjoy your extra hour of sleep! Our friends in North America will be resting an extra hour beginning next week. We’..." in the Forum Post called It's time to fall back!!!
    Forum Post created 5 months ago
  • Fontana dei Leoni

    Published October 24th, 2016 by Susie White


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  • "One important thing to remember is that the actual personnel at train stations will NOT always be helpful, or even INFORMED!!! It’s best to keep up on the website, as you’ve suggested. Fortunately, the Freccie (fast trains) aren’t usually affected by these strikes, but if you..." in the Forum Post called Italian Train Strikes
    Forum Post created 5 months ago
  • "As part of a campaign to learn more about British nationals living in Italy, the British embassy announces the launch of an online questionnaire, which will run until 10 December 2016. The aim of the survey is to find out more about your experience of living in Italy, in order to help them ensure..." in the Forum Post called A questionnaire for Britons living in Italy
    Forum Post created 5 months ago
  • "The 6.0 earthquake (lasting a neverending 142 seconds) that hit central Italy in the early hours yesterday, August 24th, has caused 250 confirmed victims. Searches continue in several towns and villages that have suffered extreme damage, including Amatrice, in northern Lazio, with the epicenter n..." in the Forum Post called Strong earthquake hits central Italy
    Forum Post updated 7 months ago
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  • "See Giovanna’s info here http://www.insidersabroad.com/italy/businesses/… or email her at giovannadamato@tiscali.it" in the Forum Post called Our Ravello Wedding
    Forum Post created 8 months ago