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Hi all! Yes, it’s Maria once again fla-fla’ing (it’s my new made-up word!) about with where is next :-) I plan on staying one more year in the EU and think Spain should be next. Southern Spain. Now, if I could be near to Portugal so that I can combine writing about Spanish wine with Portuguese wine…I’d be in super-heaven! While I know there is a huge US base in Rota, from what I understand it is not “little America”. Now, I didn’t choose Rota for any specific reason (other than the ease of my best friend to get there on a cheap military flight from the US to visit me!) but I see there are many others around there. I still would love love love being as close to the water as possible, and the ability to be somewhere where perhaps there are wine bars where I can go and hang and talk to the sommelier and taste and travel to wineries and….and….and :-)

My needs are simple — there’s still only me with no furniture and I’ve gotten myself down to 1.5 suitcases! However, monthly living budget is tops 800 euro a month — and that includes having a bit to put aside.

So! Anyone around there?


Posted March 4th