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Camping in Catalonia, Spain

Catalonia has a strong history that lives on in a community of people that extend into the Pyrenees Orientales region of southern France. An area characterised by its proud cultural roots and spectacular landscape, Catalonia offers something for every camping enthusiast.

Stunning Scenery

If you can’t decide whether you prefer the jagged peaks of a rugged mountain range, the picturesque terraces of local smallholdings and quaint vineyards, or the white sand beaches of winding coastal inlets, then Catalonia is the camping destination for you.

With the Pyrenees on one side, the Costa Brava on the other, the fertile foothills between the two, and a myriad camping possibilities throughout all of these splendid locations, Catalonia is truly diverse. With no more than an hour separating these areas, you can sample a bit of everything if you’re prepared to move campsite during your stay in the region. Whether you want to enjoy the benefits of an active holiday lifestyle, spend your time on the beach, or simply like wandering through picturesque scenery, there’s something to make your stay here special.

Diverse Culture

The Catalans are incredibly proud of their culture, and strive to perpetuate the old customs which delineate them from their surrounding regions. This makes for wonderful tourism, where a wander through local villages can bring anything from displays of traditional dancing to ancient festivities, and plenty of local music.

The region has birthed artists like Joan Miro and Salvador Dali with its inspiring scenery and social milieu, and the range of small galleries that have sprung up in the wake of this trend are complemented by the larger attractions like the Dali museum in Figueres, and Gaudi’s architectural creations and the infamous Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona.

Exquisite Cuisine

Nothing complements a family camping holiday quite like delicious food, and the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest around. The many child-friendly restaurants throughout the region – in the bigger cities like Gerona and Barcelona, along the coast, and in the multitude of villages and towns that pepper the countryside – offer superb Catalan cuisine at a very reasonable price.

The folk in this region love their food, and the day is planned around a long lunch and an even longer dinner; just be aware that no shops are open between 12 noon and 2.30pm while everyone eats and enjoys a siesta before returning to work; testament to the laid-back lifestyle that makes holidaying in this area a real treat.

By Jenny Holt, a mom and camper at Parents Need to Know . Also read our posts on Top 10 Camping Sites in Spain, Staying motor home friendly in Spain and Camping in Bretagne .

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