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how to get a visa for Italy , simplified all here!


HI. I am from Islamabad Pakistan. my husband is in Italy. he has applied a spouse visa for me on 10th of October 2016. its been 3 months now and we have no news about that. how long it will take to get a visa for Italy from Pakistan?

Posted January 23rd


Hi Georgette,
I’ve read the great information you shared on this blog! So I’m here trying to find answers I can’t find anywhere.
I’m US citizen visiting some friends in Italy. I’m planning to stay longer than 90 days (it’s only been 75 days) since I work “freelance” online on my home based business and I’m a recreational writer .
Do you know what type of visa or permit should I apply for since I won’t apply for a job here in Italy.
If there is such a thing what are the option to stay long term without leaving Italy?

I will appreciate if you can kelp me out


Posted February 2nd

bashir lawey

Hello this is bashir from India, living in Mumbai

I have a question, please help me. I’m a divorced guy with two daughtdrs,
I found an Italian girl who wants to marry and I’m too.

Now I want to know if I go to Italy, will it be easy to marry in Italy?
Or in my own home country, and what documents I require to get citizi
Of Italy? Or will it be much better if she come to India and marry me hede
Than go back to her country after marriage is done in India?

Please help me, documents required if Italy if I marry in Italy
And if she comes here and marrys me what’s the possess after that to go back to Italy
With thanks

Posted February 20th


Do I need a visa to travel to Italy? I processed an ESTA when I went to the USA (it was almost 1 year ago and I did it through this website https://www.estausa.it/ ), but in 3 months I want to go to Italy to spend a long period there (approximately 1 year)

I’m from France, do I need a visa to travel to Italy?

Posted February 20th


HI, how do i get intouch with you?
i am a student in italy and have a question regarding my travels here.
please let me know

Posted March 20th