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Still Making Do After All These Years

Susie White

As soon as I wrote my chosen title, I thought of Paul Simon’s ‘Still Crazy After All These Years’…there could very well be a connection, when I think about it. A lot of you might agree????

Today is the Epiphany (celebration of the three wise men’s arrival), or, as fondly known in Italy ‘La Befana’, the last of the winter holidays in Italy. That friendly old witch fills children’s hung stockings with candy (if they’ve been good) or coal (obviously sweet), if they’ve not been so good, and, while doing so, she also SWEEPS away all of our holidays, with the broom she’s been flying on! To tell the truth, these two weeks are a little too chockful of important meals for my taste, so I was happy to fix something different today.

My sister visited a couple of months ago and brought that EVER SO WELCOME pack of things that we’ve all been missing from home, even if it’s been those TENS of years (I won’t mention how many) some of us have called Italy (or probably any foreign country) home. My list has always included FRESH tortillas, as probably most Californians’, but even a couple of off the wall things, including smoked oysters. Don’t laugh….they bring back incredible childhood memories of my grandparents. Deodorant: Italy has come a long way in 35 years (OOPS, I spilled the beans!!!), but nothing compares to Dry Idea (at least for me). Other miscellaneous items were left to my sister’s discretion….she knows.

Well, one incredible addition to her gifts from home was a premade packet of lime cilantro sauce for shrimp tacos. OMG!!!!!!! I had everything decided…..today was the day. So, I bought a nice pack of giant ‘piadine romagnole’ (only the giant ones are halfway thin enough) to take the place of the fresh tortillas, that are already finished. Three dozen fresh tortillas don’t last long….AT ALL. So, a recipe for four became two very large tacos. One each. Cilantro? No, I’d need to make a run to the market at Piazza Vittorio in Rome to pick some up, so have come to using regular Italian parsley instead. Anaheim chiles? Nothing like that, so, no chiles included in the recipe. They were delicious, without a doubt. Thanks so much, Lori!!

The best part was the entertainment (a bit tongue in cheek). How the West Was Won was on tv….in Italian.

Still Making Do After All These Years ;-)

Posted January 6th