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Thursday (March 2nd), 8pm, free film in English: Cartel Land

Patrick Boylan

Thursday (March 2nd), 8pm, free film in English at ARCI Arcobaleno, via Pullino 1 (Metro Garbatella):
Mathew Heineman’s “Cartel Land” (USA, 2015, 100 min.), Oscar nominee for best documentary.
A full immersion into the hair-raising world of Mexican drug traffickers, people smugglers, citizen vigilantes and… quiet heroes.  You’re probably against Trump’s wall along the Mexican/U.S. border, but first watch this film to see why so many people there think they need it. “There are scenes here unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Timely, thoughtful and supremely well-constructed, we’d be stunned if this isn’t the doc to beat on Oscar night.” — Time Out
More info here: www.peaceandjustice.it/ewo/2017-04.pdf  or write film-series@gmx.us  or call Patrick  393-166 0932

Posted February 27th