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Support a Pedal-Powered Theatrical Troupe!

Valerie Fortney

We have a Roman “famiglia” who adopted us and helped us move to Italy. Well, my “fratello” Valerio, a talented actor and playwright, is gearing up to pedal around Italy and perform at every stop.

His troupe is taking a zero-emission trip that will combine a passion for cycling, the environment and creative theater. But they need help to get the show on the road. Their Crowdfunding page is collecting funds so they can pack the bikes and start pedaling, and even $10 can help them start rolling.

The show focus on the environment and sustainability (in a fun and lively way) and even the set and stage lighting will be from renewable energy with portable solar panels and mini wind mills on their bikes. This is a totally original idea and artistic venture. Please help spread the word! (They have info in English on the Crowdfunding page, after the Italian section.)

They’ve already been given some press by La Repubblica, RadioImpegno, Italia Che Cambia, and other Rome-based publications. Consider helping this grass-roots theater group. You can also join in and pedal along with them for any part of their journey!

Or visit their Facebook page – Altri Mondi Bike Tour

(SemiVolanti, Valerio’s theater group, has performed fantastic plays around Italy, and was recognized by the provincia di Roma for their initiatives with immigrants and the resulting plays, Black Reality. In short, they’re great folks who are civic and world-minded.)

Posted March 5th