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Documentary on media control, in English, Thursday, March 30

Patrick Boylan

Thursday, March 30th, 8pm
“The Occupation of the American Mind”
(Loretta Alper, Jeremy Earp , USA, 2016, 82 min.)

How mainstream U.S. media, in reporting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,
enable Israel to win totally the battle for the hearts, minds and tax dollars of Americans.
A case study of Chomsky’s description of how consent is “manufactured” by our media.

A free current affairs documentary in English presented by U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice – Rome

Venue: Circolo Arci Arcobaleno, 1 Via Pullino (Metro Garbatella)
See how to get there at: www.bit.ly/pullino
Film poster: www.peaceandjustice.it/ewo/2017-06a.pdf
Contact: Patrick cell. 393-166 0932

The film is in English and is free (but small donations are welcome). Arcobaleno membership is €7 per year, valid for various discounts in Rome. Doors open at 7pm; film starts at 8pm; a brief discussion follows, in English (but Italian is OK, too). Drinks and a light dinner can be enjoyed before or during the film.

U.S. Citizens for Peace & Justice – Rome – www.peaceandjustice.it – email: film-series@gmx.us

Posted March 28th