Sassone, Anna Margherita

Sassone, Anna Margherita

Category: Physicians: Ob-Gyn (Obstetrics-Gynecology)
Region: Lazio (Rome)

Business Description:

Gynecology and gynecologic surgery, gynecologic urology, early cancer diagnosis and prevention, HPV and colposcopy, chronic pelvic pain. Diet therapy for menopause and menstrual abnormality, during and after cancer therapy, for metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, during pregnancy and breast feeding.

The office is just 5 minutes on foot from the Ostia Lido Centro train stop.

Thursday mornings in Gianicolo, at Salvator Mundi International Hospital (bus: 75 via Carini, 44 via Carini, 3B Piazza Ippolito Nievo)

Telephone contacts: 06-56000459 (Monday through Friday from 15:30 to 19:00, and Saturday from 10:00 to 14:00)
340 8368003: as needed (doctor speaks English)


viale del Lido 53
Ostia Lido, Roma 00122
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06 56000459
340 8368003


06 56000459



Secretary/Assistant speaks English: Yes